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New Building Support

Our team of highly experienced and skilled engineers can support our Clients for their needs in Ship Building. Over the years, we have completed several new build projects with innovative and cutting edge solutions. This involves all types of ships from Cargo to Passenger vessels. With our collective experience and knowledge, GENSYS can provide support in any part of the world.

GENSYS boasts a seasoned team of adept engineers primed to offer comprehensive support to clients embarking on shipbuilding endeavors worldwide.

New Building Support

Reliable guaranteed qualitatively

New Building Support

Exemplary Project Portfolio: With a rich history of successfully executed new build projects, GENSYS stands at the forefront, pioneering innovative solutions across a diverse spectrum of vessels, spanning Cargo to Passenger ships.

Cutting-Edge Solutions: Our track record speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions. We leverage our collective expertise to infuse projects with innovation, ensuring our clients receive state-of-the-art support.

Worldwide Reach: Regardless of location, GENSYS stands ready to extend its unparalleled knowledge and assistance. Our global presence enables us to provide steadfast support in any corner of the globe.

GENSYS’s adept engineers possess a wealth of experience, having triumphantly completed numerous new build projects. Our comprehensive support extends beyond geographical boundaries, offering clients the assurance of top-tier expertise and solutions irrespective of their project’s location.

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Full range of transportation services

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I have been using this company for three years now. The delivery of meat products from my ranch to retail outlets when it is not possible to deliver them using our transport. I can safely recommend it!

Michael Jones

Business Owner

The company’s employees showed a high level of professionalism in the choice of vehicles and the preparation of financial documentation. I was also pleased with the business approach.

Jacob Woods

Business Owner

I have been successfully using the services of this company for the fifth year. I can safely recommend it. There was not a single mistake during the entire cooperation – everything was on time.

Mason Morris

Business Owner
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Services & Prices

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Air Trucking Industry

$100.00Up to a Month
  • Cargo consolidation
  • Express delivery by cargo plane
  • International air freight
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Sea Trucking Industry

$200.00Up to a Month
  • Delivery to the port
  • Сlearance for loading onboard
  • Сontrol transportation
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Cars Trucking Industry

$300.00Up to a Month
  • Groupage loading
  • Monitoring of the cargo location
  • Maximum optimization
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